Man sitting on a rock and looking at the views in Pery
Cajamarca Culture Week in Peru
Immerse yourself in northern Peruvian culture

Immerse yourself in northern Peruvian culture

Local peoples selling food in Cajamarca, Peru
Get to know the Peruvian Culture
Local people selling food in Cajamarca

Local people selling food in Cajamarca

At the top of Santa Apolonia
Santa Apolonia
Hike to the top of Santa Apolonia from the town below

Hike to the top of Santa Apolonia from the town below

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Cajamarca is where everything started. Known as the “City of the Meeting of the Two Worlds”, Cajamarca will immerse you in Incan and pre-Incan culture while you live in a modern yet colonial city.

Over the course of our Culture Week you will have the opportunity to try various traditional, often ancient, Andean recipes and see architecture ranging from 1000 B.C. to the 1700s. You will gain first-hand insight into the history, the language, and the diversity of cultures, all while exploring the sights that make Cajamarca a gem in the Northern Andes.

Our Culture Week will prepare you for your stay in Cajamarca by giving you a brief insight into the country’s background, customs, language, culture, and history. Moreover, you will enjoy some of the must-see attractions in the area and get the chance to meet and bond with fellow participants.


  • Help you familiarize yourself with the local surroundings
  • Teach you helpful Spanish words and phrases
  • Broaden your knowledge of the local customs, history and culture
  • Provide a full induction, preparing you for a longer stay


Volunteer experiences have a direct and positive impact on local communities by injecting money into the local economy through the purchase of food, transportation, and tourism activities. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the comunity and make a difference in the world. Depending on the type of volunteer experience you are interested in, your time can be spent improving educational resources and opportunities, providing medical services to underserved communities, or promoting environmental conservation and sustainable farming techniques.

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25 trees will be planted on your behalf for every experience purchased, via our partnership with One Tree Planted.

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1% of gross sales will be donated to 1% for the Planet-approved charities via our partnership with 1% for the Planet.

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Cajamarca, Peru

You will be staying in the district of Puyllucana which is a small village found in the east-northern part of Cajamarca.It is a beautiful location with great weather and friendly locals.

Located only a short distance away from Cajamarca city (Capital and largest city of Peru’s Cajamarca Region, enriched in culture and history), this quiet location provides a relaxing atmosphere after a day out. The accommodation has a beautiful view of the Andes Mountain Range and is close to the Amazon Rainforest, it will bring you back to South American nature!

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Sunday - Arrival

CJA (Mayor General FAP Armando Revoredo Iglesias Airport) Saturday or Sunday : Early in the morning or evening

Our transfer coordinator will meet you at the arrival hall holding a sign with either your name or “The Green Lion”. Please note that in some cases we may need to wait for several participants to arrive before the group leaves the airport.

CIX (Captain Carlos Martinez de Pinillos International Airport) Saturday or Sunday : Pick Up from airport 0:800-10:00 and 18:30-22:00

Our transfer coordinator will meet you at the arrival hall holding a sign with either your name or “The Green Lion”. Please note that in some cases we may need to wait for several participants to arrive before the group leaves the airport.

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  • Introduction to Projects, House rules, Setting Expectations, Health and Safety Advice and handling of documents.
  • Peruvian Do's and Don'ts,Peruvian Culture Lessons and Spanish Language Lessons.
  • Tour around the compound and local area; where to find local shops, and arrange a sim-card if necessary.
  • Lunch
  • Small hike to 'white crosses hill' where you can have a thermal Baths in Banos (Optional) and a massage session (Optional)
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We will visit Granja Porcón, a beautiful area and traditional farm. Here you will have the opportunity to get in touch with the Andean scenery that surrounds Cajamarca. After exploring the fields, forests, or farm, we will have a picnic on the hillside and return to Cajamarca. The journey will take 40 minutes both ways.
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In the morning we will take a combination of public transport and walk to Cumbe Mayo, perhaps the oldest manmade structure in South America. Built around 1500 B.C.E., Cumbe Mayo exhibits the ingenuity of Pre-Incan technologies.

Here you will see a system of hand carved canals that carry water over the continental divide, and at one point, sustained the inhabitants of what later became Cajamarca. At an altitude of 3,500 metres above sea level, this ceremonial Pre-Incan complex and the surrounding rock forest is our last visiting spot before heading back to Cajamarca.

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In the morning we will take a tour around Cajamarca pointing out some of the main attractions, markets, and historical points of interest.

Along the way you will see churches from the colonial era, the main square that bustles with constant activity, and the Cuarto de Rescate (Ransom Room). It was in this site where the last Incan king Atahualpa bargained with Spanish Conquistador Pizarro unsuccessfully for his release, thus ending the Incan empire and opening the door to Spanish influence in Peru.

We will also hike up to the top of Santa Apolonia Hill where there is small church and a beautiful overlook of the entire city. Along the walk you will see some traditional artisanal market places with typical Cajamarquino materials and goods.

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Go to Namora and visit the local guitarra workshops and the hat weaving ladies. We will then take a Tuk Tuk to Laguna San Nicolas to walk around the laguna, ride in totora boats around the laguna and have lunch at a El aventurero restaurant in the afternoon.
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Saturday - Departure
Leave the accommodation Saturday morning and take a taxi to Chiclayo. Then take a bus to Cajamarca. From here you will need to make your way to Cajamarca Airport (5.5 hours) for earliest departures Saturday Evening
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  • Shared Accomodation
  • All meals included
  • Free beverages
  • Wifi in public areas
  • Arrival Transfer (included with 2 wk+ trips)
  • Departure Transfer
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  • Extra night accomodation (before experience)$60
  • Extra night accomodation (after experience)$60
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More Information


  • minimum english levelBasic
  • CRB RequiredOn signup
  • passport copy requiredNo
  • resume copy requiredNo

Other Requirements

  • You must be aware of the altitude (2750m above sea level) and effects it may have on the condition of your health
  • Strong shoes for hiking
  • Appropriate clothing for hiking, swimming and cold weather


The food will be typically Peruvian meaning lots of corn, beans, rice, chili peppers, potatoes, wheat, and other grains, all very vegetarian friendly. Keep in mind that some local dishes may be spicy!


You will be staying in our accommodation center in Puyllucana, Rural Cajamarca countryside. The house is made with traditional materials such as adobe and stone, it also has a large garden. Wi-Fi will be available only in common areas. We recommend also using 3G data if staying connected is important to you.

All participants are expected to be environmentally aware and to use all resources with restraint, especially water, paper and electricity. Although rooms will be cleaned daily by staff, you will be expected to clean up after yourself, and to play your part to keep accommodation neat and organized.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings can be amended and cancelled 30 days before the program start date without any costs. Bookings that are cancelled less than 30 days before the program start date will be charged the first week of the booking.

Culture Week in Peru

AvailabilityClosedCurrently not available please contact us for other options.
Price per person$495/week
Minimum Duration1 week