Bikini Atol, Marshall Islands
Bikini Atol
Bikini Atol, Marshall Islands

Bikini Atol

Bikini Atol, Marshall Islands

9 Things To Do In Marshall Islands (Is this the ORIGIN of the BIKINI?)
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Oceania, consists of 29 atolls and five isolated islands in the North Pacific Ocean, about halfway between Hawaii and Australia; the atolls and islands are situated in two, almost-parallel island chains - the Ratak (Sunrise) group and the Ralik (Sunset) group; the total number of islands and islets is about 1,225; 22 of the atolls and four of the islands are uninhabited


United States Dollar (USD)


181 sq km


78,831 (July 2021 est.)


Marshallese (official) 98.2%, other languages 1.8% (1999 est.)


Protestant 80.5% (United Church of Christ 47%, Assembly of God 16.2%, Bukot Nan Jesus 5.4%, Full Gospel 3.3%, Reformed Congressional Church 3%, Salvation Army 1.9%, Seventh Day Adventist 1.4%, Meram in Jesus 1.2%, other Protestant 1.1%), Roman Catholic 8.5%, Church of Jesus Christ 7%, Jehovah's Witness 1.7%,  other 1.2%, none 1.1% (2011 est.)



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Things to Do

  • 1. Scuba Diving in Majuro

    Explore the colorful coral reefs and wrecks while scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of Majuro. Discover a variety of marine life and enjoy the underwater beauty of this stunning location.

  • 2. Island Hopping in Arno Atoll

    Embark on a thrilling island hopping adventure in the enchanting Arno Atoll. Visit secluded beaches, swim in turquoise lagoons, and experience the rich culture and history of the local communities.

  • 3. Kiteboarding in Jaluit Atoll

    Feel the adrenaline rush as you soar through the sky while kiteboarding in the pristine waters of Jaluit Atoll. Enjoy the perfect combination of wind and waves in this paradise for water sports enthusiasts.

  • 4. Hiking in Ailinglaplap Atoll

    Embark on a breathtaking hiking adventure in the scenic landscapes of Ailinglaplap Atoll. Explore lush forests, encounter unique wildlife, and witness stunning panoramic views from the top of the island's highest peaks.

  • 5. Cultural Immersion in Kwajalein Atoll

    Immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of the Marshall Islands by visiting Kwajalein Atoll. Learn about the local way of life, interact with friendly islanders, and participate in traditional ceremonies and rituals.

  • 6. Surfing in Mili Atoll

    Catch the perfect wave and ride the high swells while surfing in the idyllic Mili Atoll. Experience the thrill of this popular water sport in a stunning tropical setting with pristine beaches and beautiful surf breaks.

  • 7. Fishing in Wotje Atoll

    Go on a fishing adventure in the abundant waters of Wotje Atoll. Test your skills and reel in a variety of fish species including marlin, tuna, and snapper, while enjoying the peacefulness of the surrounding natural beauty.

  • 8. Bird Watching in Likiep Atoll

    Embark on a bird watching journey in the picturesque Likiep Atoll. Observe a diverse range of bird species in their natural habitat, including rare and migratory birds, amidst the stunning landscapes of this pristine island.

  • 9. Snorkeling in Enewetak Atoll

    Discover the underwater wonders of Enewetak Atoll while snorkeling in its crystal clear lagoons. Swim alongside colorful coral reefs, encounter tropical fish, and experience the beauty of this untouched marine ecosystem.

  • 10. Beach Relaxation in Majuro

    Indulge in ultimate relaxation and soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches of Majuro. Unwind on soft white sands, swim in turquoise waters, and enjoy the tranquil ambiance of this tropical paradise.



  • The climate in the Marshall Islands is tropical and warm year-round.
  • The average temperature ranges from 82°F to 86°F (28°C to 30°C).
  • The wet season is from May to November.

Best Time to Visit

  • The best time to visit the Marshall Islands is from December to April, during the dry season.
  • During this time, temperatures are warm, skies are clear, and rain is scarce.
  • This is also the peak tourist season, so book your accommodations in advance.




Lobster is a popular delicacy in Marshall Islands, often prepared using traditional cooking methods from fresh, locally caught lobster. It is served grilled or steamed, showcasing the natural sweetness and tenderness of the meat.



Pokada is a flavorful fish stew made with coconut milk, onions, and a variety of local herbs and spices. It is a comforting and wholesome dish often enjoyed with traditional side dishes like breadfruit or taro.

Jukut Yokwe

Jukut Yokwe

Jukut Yokwe, meaning 'Hello Soup,' is a hearty soup made with fresh seafood, coconut milk, leafy greens, and root vegetables. It is a warm and inviting dish, often prepared for special occasions and gatherings.

Coconut Crab

Coconut Crab

Coconut crab, locally known as Uru, is a prized ingredient in Marshall Islands cuisine. The tender meat of the coconut crab is often used in curries, grilled dishes, or enjoyed simply steamed, allowing its natural flavors to shine through.



Miyahut is a traditional Marshallese dish made with taro leaves, coconut cream, onions, and a variety of local fish or meat. The result is a rich and flavorful dish that represents the culinary heritage of the islands.



There are several hotels and resorts in the Marshall Islands, ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious. Popular options include the Marshall Islands Resort, Hotel K1, and Eneko Island Resort.

Guesthouses and Homestays

For a more authentic experience, consider staying in a local guesthouse or homestay. These accommodations offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and meet locals. Availability is limited, so be sure to book in advance.


There are also several camping grounds in the Marshall Islands where you can set up a tent and experience nature. These options are ideal for travelers who are looking for a low-cost and outdoor-oriented experience.


Air Travel

The main international airport in the Marshall Islands is the Amata Kabua International Airport. There are regular flights to and from the Marshall Islands and other Pacific Island nations. Major airlines, such as United Airlines, offer flights from Honolulu, Hawaii to the Marshall Islands.

Boat and Ferry

There are also several inter-island ferries and boats that operate in the Marshall Islands. These services are a convenient way to travel between the atolls and islands of the country. Some boats also offer scenic tours and trips to nearby islands and atolls.

Car and Motorcycle Rental

If you prefer to explore the islands on your own, consider renting a car or motorcycle. There are several car and motorcycle rental companies in the Marshall Islands. Make sure you have a valid driver's license and take necessary safety precautions while driving.



  • The currency in Marshall Islands is the United States Dollar (USD).

Cash And Cards

  • It is recommended to carry enough cash as credit card acceptance is limited.
  • ATMs are available in major cities but may not always be reliable.
  • It is advisable to inform your bank before traveling to avoid any issues with card usage.


  • ATMs are available in major cities in Marshall Islands.
  • However, they may not always be reliable.
  • It is advisable to carry enough cash as a backup.


  • Tipping is not customary in Marshall Islands.
  • However, if you receive exceptional service, a small tip would be appreciated.

Cost Of Living

  • The cost of living in Marshall Islands is relatively high due to its remote location.
  • Expenses for accommodation, food, and transportation can be expensive.


  • Be cautious of scams targeting tourists, such as fake tour operators or counterfeit goods.
  • Use reputable tour operators and be wary of deals that seem too good to be true.