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Al-Saleh Mosque in Sana, Yemen
Al-Saleh Mosque in Sana, Yemen


Al-Saleh Mosque is a modern mosque in Sana’a that is the largest in Yemen.
Photo by Almwald Alezzey
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Key facts

Capital: Sanaa

Location: Middle East, bordering the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Red Sea, between Oman and Saudi Arabia

Government: Republic of Yemen

Currency: Yemeni rials (YER)

Area: 527,968 sq km

Population: 30,399,243 (July 2021 est.)

Languages: Arabic (official); note - a distinct Socotri language is widely used on Socotra Island and Archipelago; Mahri is still fairly widely spoken in eastern Yemen

Religion: Muslim 99.1% (official; virtually all are citizens, an estimated 65% are Sunni and 35% are Shia), other 0.9% (includes Jewish, Baha'i, Hindu, and Christian; many are refugees or temporary foreign residents) (2020 est.)

TimeZone: UTC+3

Tel Code: +967

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