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Mürren, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
Mürren, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


The Schilthorn is a summit in Europe, in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland. It overlooks the valley of Lauterbrunnen in the Bernese Oberland, and is the highest mountain in the range lying north of the Sefinenfurgge Pass.
Photo by Leila Azevedo




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    Location:Central Europe, east of France, north of Italy

    Currency:Swiss francs (CHF)

    Area:41,277 sq km

    Population:8,453,550 (July 2021 est.)

    Languages:German (or Swiss German) (official) 62.1%, French (official) 22.8%, Italian (official) 8%, English 5.7%, Portuguese 3.5%, Albanian 3.3%, Serbo-Croatian 2.3%, Spanish 2.3%, Romansh (official) 0.5%, other 7.9%; note - German, French, Italian, and Romansh are all national and official languages; shares sum to more than 100% because respondents could indicate more than one main language (2019 est.)

    Religion:Roman Catholic 34.4%, Protestant 22.5%, other Christian 5.7%, Muslim 5.5%, other 1.6%, none 29.5%, unspecified 0.8% (2019 est.)


    Tel Code:+41

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