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Vilnius Old Town, Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius Old Town, Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius Old Town

Balloon over Vilnius Old Town
Photo by Igor Gubaidulin





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Key facts

Capital: Vilnius

Location: Eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, between Latvia and Russia, west of Belarus

Government: Republic of Lithuania

Currency: litai (LTL)

Area: 65,300 sq km

Population: 2,711,566 (July 2021 est.)

Languages: Lithuanian (official) 82%, Russian 8%, Polish 5.6%, other 0.9%, unspecified 3.5% (2011 est.)

Religion: Roman Catholic 77.2%, Russian Orthodox 4.1%, Old Believer 0.8%, Evangelical Lutheran 0.6%, Evangelical Reformist 0.2%, other (including Sunni Muslim, Jewish, Greek Catholic, and Karaite) 0.8%, none 6.1%, unspecified 10.1% (2011 est.)

TimeZone: UTC+2

Tel Code: +370

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