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Lalibela, Ethiopia
Lalibela, Ethiopia


The Amhara Region is a regional state in northern Ethiopia and the homeland of the Amhara people.
Photo by Erik Hathaway




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    Capital:Addis Ababa

    Location:Eastern Africa, west of Somalia

    Currency:birr (ETB)

    Area:1,104,300 sq km

    Population:110,871,031 (July 2021 est.)

    Languages:Oromo (official working language in the State of Oromiya) 33.8%, Amharic (official national language) 29.3%, Somali (official working language of the State of Sumale) 6.2%, Tigrigna (Tigrinya) (official working language of the State of Tigray) 5.9%, Sidamo 4%, Wolaytta 2.2%, Gurage 2%, Afar (official working language of the State of Afar) 1.7%, Hadiyya 1.7%, Gamo 1.5%, Gedeo 1.3%, Opuuo 1.2%, Kafa 1.1%, other 8.1%, English (major foreign language taught in schools), Arabic (2007 est.)

    Religion:Ethiopian Orthodox 43.8%, Muslim 31.3%, Protestant 22.8%, Catholic 0.7%, traditional 0.6%, other 0.8% (2016 est.)


    Tel Code:+251

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