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Viewpoint of the Moon, Belas, Angola
Viewpoint of the Moon, Belas, Angola

Viewpoint of the Moon

Over time, erosion caused by wind and rain created the kind of lunar-martian landscape that we find today
Photo by Jorge Sá Pinheiro




Angola flagAfrica

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    Location:Southern Africa, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean, between Namibia and Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Currency:kwanza (AOA)

    Area:1,246,700 sq km

    Population:33,642,646 (July 2021 est.)

    Languages:Portuguese 71.2% (official), Umbundu 23%, Kikongo 8.2%, Kimbundu 7.8%, Chokwe 6.5%, Nhaneca 3.4%, Nganguela 3.1%, Fiote 2.4%, Kwanhama 2.3%, Muhumbi 2.1%, Luvale 1%, other 3.6%; note - data represent most widely spoken languages; shares sum to more than 100% because some respondents gave more than one answer on the census (2014 est.)

    Religion:Roman Catholic 41.1%, Protestant 38.1%, other 8.6%, none 12.3% (2014 est.)


    Tel Code:+244

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