Travel Guide for California

Travel Guide for California

Personalized for these inputs:

  • Destination: California, United States
  • Trip length: 13 days
  • Trip dates: March 31 - April 13
  • Travel style: family friendly
  • Budget: $$$
  • Accommodation: hotel, apartment or house, villa, resort
  • Activities: arts and culture, family activities, festivals and events, gastronomy, nightlife and entertainment, sightseeing and tours
Picture of California, USA

Key Facts

  • location: West Coast
  • currency: United States Dollar (USD)
  • religion: Christianity
  • population: 39,538,223
  • language: English, Spanish, Chinese
  • electricity: 120V/60Hz, Type A, B plugs?
  • time zone: Pacific Time Zone (UTC-8)
  • country code: +1
  • internet access: High-speed internet available
  • climate: Varied climates including Mediterranean, arid, and mountainous


Welcome to California, USA, a diverse state known for its stunning coastline, vibrant cities, and majestic national parks. With a rich history shaped by Native American tribes, Spanish explorers, and the Gold Rush, California offers a unique blend of cultures and traditions. During late March to early April, the state boasts comfortable temperatures perfect for exploring, with sunny skies and blooming wildflowers creating a picturesque backdrop for your family adventures.

For a family-friendly experience on a high budget, California offers endless possibilities. Visit Disneyland in Anaheim for a magical time with beloved characters and thrilling rides, or explore the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island in San Francisco for a taste of history. Head to Los Angeles for a chance to walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame and visit world-class museums like the Getty Center. With its diverse attractions and pleasant weather, California promises an unforgettable vacation for all ages.

Getting There

California, USA can be easily accessed by major international airports like LAX, SFO, and SAN, with direct flights from around the world. Families with a high budget may prefer flying for comfort and convenience. Alternatively, Amtrak provides scenic train routes to major cities in California like Los Angeles and San Francisco, perfect for a relaxed journey with kids.

Buses and rental cars are great options for exploring within the state. Travel between cities is convenient, but traffic congestion can occur, so planning ahead is essential. Check weather forecasts for possible rain in March and early April, especially if traveling to regions like Northern California.

Climate and Best Time to Visit

California experiences a diverse climate, with coastal regions having mild temperatures year-round, while inland areas can be hot in summer and cool in winter. The state generally has a Mediterranean climate with dry, warm summers and mild, wet winters. In late March to mid-April, California usually enjoys pleasant spring weather with blooming flowers and moderate temperatures.

Visitors during late March to mid-April can explore California's natural beauty without extreme weather concerns. However, it's essential to check for any seasonal allergies due to pollen from blooming plants. Overall, travelers can expect comfortable weather for outdoor activities and sightseeing during this time, making it a fantastic period to visit the state.


Day 1

Introduce the family to the vibrant arts and culture scene of California, exploring museums and galleries showcasing the state's diverse artistic heritage.

  • Explore The Getty Center

    Immerse yourselves in the world of art at The Getty Center, an architectural masterpiece with stunning views of Los Angeles. Discover a diverse collection ranging from European paintings to contemporary photography.
  • Visit Griffith Observatory

    Head to Griffith Observatory for a mix of science, space, and stunning views of the LA skyline. Explore exhibits, catch a show at the planetarium, and don't miss the iconic Hollywood Sign vista.
  • Tour The Broad Museum

    Step into the contemporary art world at The Broad Museum, home to a vast collection of modern masterpieces. Marvel at iconic works by renowned artists and enjoy the innovative architecture.
  • Enjoy Street Performances at Venice Beach

    Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Venice Beach with its eclectic street performers, artistic displays, and lively boardwalk scene. Take in the beach views and embrace the quirky culture of this iconic spot.

Day 2

Immerse in family-friendly activities, such as visiting theme parks and outdoor recreational areas to enjoy the sunny California weather together.

  • Visit Disneyland Resort

    Embark on a magical adventure at Disneyland Resort, where fantasy comes to life with thrilling rides, enchanting parades, and beloved Disney characters. Make unforgettable memories exploring the iconic theme park.
  • Explore Balboa Park

    Discover the beauty of Balboa Park, a cultural oasis with lush gardens, museums, and the famous San Diego Zoo. Stroll through the park, visit the botanical buildings, and enjoy outdoor activities in the sunshine.
  • Enjoy Waterfront Fun at Seaport Village

    Spend a delightful day at Seaport Village, a waterfront shopping and dining destination offering stunning views of San Diego Bay. Explore unique shops, try local cuisine, and enjoy leisurely walks along the marina.

Day 3

Experience the local festivals and events, getting a taste of the lively celebrations and cultural diversity that California has to offer.

  • Attend the Rose Parade

    Witness the iconic Rose Parade, a colorful and lively New Year's Day tradition filled with magnificent floral floats, marching bands, and equestrian units. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere and marvel at the creativity on display.
  • Explore Chinatown Summer Nights

    Join the vibrant Chinatown Summer Nights celebration, where you can experience a blend of food, culture, and entertainment. Enjoy live performances, artisan booths, and mouthwatering Asian cuisine in a festive street setting.
  • Visit the Oxnard Salsa Festival

    Spice up your day at the Oxnard Salsa Festival, a sizzling event celebrating everything salsa. Delight your taste buds with a variety of salsa flavors, dance to Latin music, and witness exciting salsa competitions.

Day 4

Indulge in the gastronomic delights of California, sampling a variety of cuisines and local specialties that represent the rich culinary landscape of the state.

  • Taste of San Francisco Food Tour

    Embark on a culinary adventure with a Taste of San Francisco Food Tour, exploring the city's diverse food scene and sampling local delicacies from famous food spots. Indulge in seafood, sourdough bread, and gourmet treats.
  • Napa Valley Wine Tasting Experience

    Savor the flavors of Napa Valley with a wine tasting experience amidst picturesque vineyards and rolling hills. Enjoy a selection of premium wines, learn about winemaking, and relax in the beautiful wine country setting.
  • Santa Barbara Taco Tour

    Embark on a flavorful journey through the Santa Barbara Taco Tour, exploring the city's best taquerias and tasting authentic Mexican street food. Dive into delicious tacos, savor fresh ingredients, and immerse yourself in the local taco culture.

Day 5

Explore the nightlife and entertainment options in California, from bustling city nightlife to cozy family-friendly venues for a fun evening out.

  • Explore Universal Studios Hollywood

    Embark on an exciting adventure at Universal Studios Hollywood, where movie magic comes to life with thrilling rides, shows, and behind-the-scenes experiences. Immerse yourself in the world of cinema and enjoy a fun-filled day for the whole family.
  • Discover Santa Monica Pier

    Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Santa Monica Pier, a historic landmark with attractions like an amusement park, arcade games, and seaside dining. Stroll along the iconic boardwalk, enjoy ocean views, and join in the festive activities at this popular spot.
  • Attend a Comedy Show at The Comedy Store

    Laugh the night away at The Comedy Store, a legendary comedy club where top comedians perform hilarious stand-up routines. Enjoy a blend of laughter and entertainment in an intimate setting with a rich comedic history.

Day 6

Embark on a sightseeing tour to discover California's iconic landmarks, natural wonders, and historic sites that showcase the beauty of the state.

  • Explore Alcatraz Island

    Step back in time with a visit to Alcatraz Island, known for its historic prison and stunning views of the San Francisco Bay. Explore the former penitentiary, learn about its infamous inmates, and soak in the captivating stories of this iconic landmark.
  • Hike in Yosemite National Park

    Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park with a scenic hike amidst towering sequoias, majestic waterfalls, and granite cliffs. Discover the awe-inspiring landscapes and connect with the wilderness of this renowned park.
  • Visit Hearst Castle

    Marvel at the grandeur of Hearst Castle, a palatial estate perched atop the scenic hills of San Simeon. Explore the lavish rooms, lush gardens, and breathtaking architecture that reflect the opulence of a bygone era.

Day 7

Relax and unwind with a leisurely day to enjoy California's beaches, parks, or spa treatments for a rejuvenating break from sightseeing.

  • Relax at Santa Monica Beach

    Unwind on the sandy shores of Santa Monica Beach, a popular spot for sunbathing, beach volleyball, and strolling along the iconic pier. Soak up the coastal vibes, breathe in the salty sea air, and relax under the California sun.
  • Explore Griffith Park

    Escape to the serene oasis of Griffith Park, a sprawling urban park offering hiking trails, picnic areas, and panoramic views of Los Angeles. Discover the Griffith Observatory, visit the LA Zoo, or simply enjoy a peaceful day in nature.
  • Pamper Yourself at a Luxury Spa

    Indulge in a day of relaxation and rejuvenation at a luxury spa in California. Treat yourself to pampering spa treatments, massages, and skincare rituals designed to refresh your mind, body, and soul.

Day 8

Engage in interactive family activities like outdoor adventures, water sports, or hands-on workshops to create lasting memories together.

  • Go Whale Watching in Monterey Bay

    Embark on an exciting whale-watching adventure in Monterey Bay, where you can spot majestic whales, dolphins, and sea lions in their natural habitat. Enjoy the thrill of marine encounters and create unforgettable memories with your family.
  • Learn to Surf in Santa Cruz

    Experience the thrill of surfing in the iconic waves of Santa Cruz, known for its surfing culture and beautiful beaches. Enroll in a surf lesson, catch some waves, and enjoy the sandy shores with your loved ones.
  • Create Glass Art at Monterey Bay Aquarium

    Engage in a hands-on glass art workshop at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where you can learn to create your own glass masterpiece inspired by ocean themes. Get creative as a family and craft unique souvenirs to cherish.

Day 9

Immerse in the local culture through visits to farmers' markets, cultural centers, and neighborhood tours to connect with California's diverse communities.

  • Visit San Francisco Farmers' Market

    Experience the vibrant San Francisco Farmers' Market, where you can explore an array of fresh produce, artisanal goods, and local delights. Engage with local farmers and vendors to discover the flavors of California.
  • Explore San Diego Cultural Center

    Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of San Diego at the Cultural Center, showcasing art, history, and traditions of diverse communities. Discover exhibitions, workshops, and performances that celebrate California's multifaceted identity.
  • Neighborhood Tour of Los Angeles

    Embark on a guided neighborhood tour of Los Angeles to delve into the local communities and hidden gems of the city. Discover the unique cultural pockets, street art, and culinary hotspots that make LA a melting pot of diversity.

Day 10

Participate in family-friendly workshops or classes to learn new skills, crafts, or engage in educational experiences that are both fun and enriching.

  • Art Workshop at San Francisco Art Institute

    Join an interactive art workshop at the prestigious San Francisco Art Institute, where you can unleash your creativity and learn new artistic skills. Engage in painting, sculpture, or multimedia projects in a vibrant creative environment.
  • Cooking Class at Sur La Table

    Embark on a culinary journey with a hands-on cooking class at Sur La Table, a renowned kitchenware store offering interactive cooking sessions. Learn new recipes, culinary techniques, and enjoy a flavorful experience with your family.
  • Family Pottery Workshop at Santa Barbara Studio

    Get your hands dirty in a family pottery workshop at the Santa Barbara Studio, where you can mold clay, create pottery pieces, and explore the art of ceramics together. Unleash your artistic flair and bond over a shared creative experience.

Day 11

Discover California's wildlife and nature reserves, exploring the biodiversity and conservation efforts in the state through guided tours and educational experiences.

  • Visit Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

    Explore the majestic beauty of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, home to giant sequoia trees, awe-inspiring canyons, and diverse wildlife. Join guided tours to learn about conservation efforts and immerse in the natural wonders of California.
  • Discover Channel Islands National Park

    Embark on an island adventure at Channel Islands National Park, a marine sanctuary teeming with unique wildlife and pristine habitats. Participate in educational tours to spot dolphins, seals, and rare bird species in their natural surroundings.
  • Explore Joshua Tree National Park

    Immerse yourself in the enchanting landscapes of Joshua Tree National Park, where the Mojave and Colorado deserts meet to create a magical blend of rock formations and desert flora. Join nature walks and ranger programs to learn about the desert ecosystem.

Day 12

Experience the thrill of outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or zip-lining in California's scenic landscapes, providing an adventurous day for the family.

  • Hike in Sequoia National Park

    Embark on a breathtaking hike in the stunning Sequoia National Park, surrounded by towering sequoia trees and picturesque landscapes. Explore scenic trails, encounter diverse wildlife, and connect with nature in its purest form.
  • Mountain Biking in Mammoth Lakes

    Gear up for an exhilarating mountain biking adventure in Mammoth Lakes, known for its rugged terrain and thrilling bike trails. Ride through scenic forests, tackle challenging paths, and enjoy adrenaline-pumping moments with the family.
  • Zip-lining in Big Sur

    Soar through the redwood forests of Big Sur on a heart-pounding zip-lining experience. Enjoy panoramic views, feel the rush of adrenaline, and create lasting memories as you glide through the treetops with the family.

Day 13

Reflect on the memorable family moments in California, savoring the experiences, photos, and souvenirs from the enriching 13-day journey.

  • Enjoy Sunset at Santa Monica Beach

    Watch the sun dip below the horizon at Santa Monica Beach, casting a golden glow over the Pacific Ocean. Reflect on the special moments shared with family during your California adventure as you relax on the sandy shores.
  • Visit Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Stroll along the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, lined with stars honoring legendary personalities from the entertainment industry. Capture photos with your favorite celebrity stars and reminisce about the exciting experiences in California.
  • Dine at a Rooftop Restaurant with City Views

    Indulge in a culinary delight at a rooftop restaurant offering panoramic views of the city skyline. Enjoy a memorable dining experience as you savor delicious cuisine and toast to a fantastic 13-day journey in California.


For a family-friendly stay in California with high-budget considerations, consider luxurious resorts such as The Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay for stunning ocean views or the Four Seasons Resort in Santa Barbara for a relaxing coastal experience. For a more private and spacious option, booking a vacation rental in upscale neighborhoods like Beverly Hills or Malibu can provide a home-like setting with access to top attractions. Websites like and Airbnb offer a variety of upscale accommodations to suit different preferences.

Special Considerations: Booking in advance is crucial, especially during the spring break season from March 31 to April 13, to secure the best accommodations in California's popular destinations. It's advisable to check for family-friendly amenities, such as kids' clubs or pools, when choosing your accommodation for a comfortable stay with children.

Food and Drink

California offers diverse cuisine, from fresh seafood along the coast to farm-to-table dishes in its vibrant cities. Traditional foods include California rolls, fish tacos, and In-N-Out burgers. For drinks, try local wines from Napa Valley or craft beers from San Diego.

For fine dining, visit The French Laundry in Napa Valley or Gary Danko in San Francisco. For casual eats, head to In-N-Out Burger or Kogi BBQ food truck in Los Angeles. Tipping customs generally suggest 15-20% of the total bill.

California caters well to dietary needs with many vegan, gluten-free, and organic options available. Consider seasonal fruits like avocados and citrus in your meals. Feel free to enjoy themed cafes like Alice's Tea Cup in San Francisco for a unique experience.



The classic American hamburger is a grilled beef patty served in a soft bun, often topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and a variety of condiments. It's a staple of American fast food culture and a beloved comfort food for many.

Barbecue Ribs

Barbecue Ribs

Barbecue ribs are slow-cooked, tender cuts of pork or beef that are generously seasoned with a flavorful dry rub or smothered in a tangy, sweet barbecue sauce. This dish is deeply rooted in Southern cuisine and is often enjoyed at summer cookouts and family gatherings.

Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese

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New York-style Pizza

New York-style Pizza

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Southern Fried Chicken

Southern Fried Chicken

Southern fried chicken consists of juicy, tender pieces of chicken that are coated in a seasoned batter and deep-fried until golden and crispy. This dish is a Southern classic and is often served with traditional sides like mashed potatoes, biscuits, and coleslaw.

Attractions and Activities

California offers a myriad of attractions for a family-friendly trip with a high budget. Enjoy the renowned Disneyland Resort for magical family moments. Explore the Getty Center for world-class art and stunning architecture. Food enthusiasts can indulge in Napa Valley's gourmet dining. Attend the Coachella Music Festival for an unforgettable experience. Discover Hollywood's vibrant nightlife and entertainment.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Experiences

California, the land of hidden gems! Discover the unique glass beach in Fort Bragg, where colorful sea glass carpets the shore. Experience the surreal beauty of the Salton Sea, a saline lake in the desert. Venture to Slab City, an off-grid community filled with vibrant art installations and intriguing characters.