Travel Guide for İzmir

Travel Guide for İzmir

Personalized for these inputs:

  • Destination: İzmir, Türkiye
  • Trip length: 7 days
  • Trip dates: May 12 - May 19
  • Travel style: digital nomad
  • Budget: $$
  • Accommodation: hotel
  • Activities: festivals and events, gastronomy, nightlife and entertainment, outdoor adventures, sightseeing and tours
Picture of İzmir, Türkiye

Key Facts

  • location: Aegean Region
  • currency: Turkish Lira (TRY)
  • religion: Islam
  • population: 4,310,826
  • language: Turkish
  • electricity: 230V/50Hz, Type C and Type F plugs?
  • time zone: Eastern European Time (UTC+2)
  • country code: +90
  • internet access: Broadband internet access available
  • climate: Mediterranean climate

Useful Phrases

Language: Turkish
    merhaba (mer-ha-ba)
    hoşçakal (hoş-cha-kal)
    evet (e-vet)
    hayır (ha-yır)
    how much
    bu ne kadar? (bu ne ka-dar)
    lütfen (lüt-fen)
    thank you
    teşekkür ederim (te-shek-kur e-de-rim)
    excuse me
    affedersiniz (af-fe-der-si-niz)


Welcome to İzmir, a vibrant coastal city in Türkiye known for its rich history, diverse culture, and warm hospitality. With a Mediterranean climate, May in İzmir offers comfortable temperatures around 20-25°C, perfect for exploring its ancient ruins, bustling bazaars, and scenic beaches.

For digital nomads on a budget, İzmir provides a lively atmosphere with plenty of co-working spaces, cafes with free Wi-Fi, and affordable accommodation options in neighborhoods like Alsancak or Karşıyaka. Don't miss strolling along the Kordon promenade, tasting delicious street food at Kemeraltı Market, or taking a day trip to Ephesus to immerse yourself in Türkiye's fascinating heritage. Enjoy the blend of modern amenities and authentic experiences that İzmir has to offer.

Getting There

To reach İzmir, Türkiye, you can fly into Adnan Menderes Airport, which offers international and domestic flights. From the airport, you can take a Havas airport shuttle, taxi, or rent a car to reach the city center. Trains and buses are also efficient ways to travel to İzmir from other Turkish cities.

For a digital nomad on an average budget visiting from May 12 to May 19, flying into İzmir would be the most convenient option. However, be mindful that May in İzmir marks the transition from spring to summer, bringing mild temperatures and occasional rainy days. It's advisable to pack versatile clothing to accommodate changing weather.

Climate and Best Time to Visit

İzmir, Türkiye enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. From May 12 to May 19, visitors can expect pleasant spring weather with temperatures averaging between 19-25°C (66-77°F). While rainfall is minimal during this time, it's always advisable to carry an umbrella for any unexpected showers.

May in İzmir is perfect for exploring outdoor attractions like the ancient city of Ephesus or the picturesque beaches along the Aegean coast. Visitors can also indulge in the city's vibrant gastronomic scene, savoring fresh seafood and local delicacies. Nightlife options abound in areas like Alsancak and Konak for those looking to experience Izmir's lively entertainment scene.


Day 1

Immerse in the vibrant festival and event scene of İzmir, experiencing the cultural richness and community celebrations in the city.

  • Attend İzmir Clock Tower Light Show

    Experience the magical light show at the iconic İzmir Clock Tower, where lights dance to enchanting music. A must-see evening event that captures the essence of İzmir's vibrancy and history.
  • Taste Authentic Turkish Street Food at Kemeraltı Bazaar

    Indulge in a culinary adventure at Kemeraltı Bazaar, savoring traditional Turkish street food delicacies like gözleme, kebabs, and Turkish sweets. Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of this historic market.
  • Experience İzmir's Lively Nightlife at Alsancak

    Dive into the vibrant nightlife scene of Alsancak, where you can find a diverse range of bars, cafes, and live music venues. Enjoy the energetic atmosphere and socialize with locals and fellow travelers.

Day 2

Explore İzmir's diverse gastronomic offerings, indulging in local Turkish cuisine and flavors that reflect the region's culinary heritage.

  • Discover the Flavors of İzmir at Şirinçavuşoğlu Kokoreç

    Delight your taste buds with the savory and aromatic traditional dish of kokoreç at Şirinçavuşoğlu Kokoreç. Experience the unique blend of spices and flavors that represent the rich culinary heritage of İzmir.
  • Tour the Historical Kızlarağası Han

    Immerse yourself in history as you explore the historical Kızlarağası Han, a traditional Turkish inn with a vibrant atmosphere. Discover hidden gems, handicrafts, and local artisans showcasing their talents.
  • Experience Izmir's Hidden Gem: Asansör

    Ascend to Asansör, a historic elevator with panoramic views of the city and the bay. Enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee at the top while admiring the stunning vistas of İzmir's skyline. A perfect blend of history and modernity.

Day 3

Experience the lively nightlife and entertainment options in İzmir, from trendy bars to traditional Turkish music venues, embracing the city's after-dark charm.

  • Enjoy Live Music at Jazzçı Bar

    Immerse yourself in the vibrant music scene at Jazzçı Bar, where live jazz performances create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Sip on signature cocktails and tap your feet to the rhythm of Turkish melodies.
  • Dance the Night Away at Reina Club

    Experience the excitement of dancing under the stars at Reina Club, an upscale venue overlooking the Aegean Sea. Join the party crowd and groove to the latest beats spun by renowned DJs.
  • Savor Traditional Turkish Meze at Mazi Meyhane

    Indulge in a culinary journey of traditional Turkish meze at Mazi Meyhane, where a variety of flavorful small dishes await. Pair your meze with raki, the famous Turkish anise-flavored spirit, for an authentic dining experience.

Day 4

Embark on thrilling outdoor adventures in the natural landscapes surrounding İzmir, engaging in activities like hiking, water sports, or exploring the scenic countryside.

  • Explore Mordoğan's Seaside Beauty

    Discover the pristine beauty of Mordoğan's coastline, where crystal-clear waters meet lush greenery. Engage in water sports like snorkeling or kayaking, or simply relax on the sandy beaches and admire the stunning views.
  • Hike the Trails of Bozdağ Mountains

    Embark on an exhilarating hike through the scenic trails of Bozdağ Mountains, surrounded by pine forests and panoramic views. Challenge yourself with varying difficulty levels and reward yourself with breathtaking natural beauty at every turn.
  • Discover Gölcük Nature Park

    Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Gölcük Nature Park, a haven for nature lovers offering picturesque landscapes and serene surroundings. Enjoy a leisurely stroll, birdwatching, or a relaxing picnic by the calm lake.

Day 5

Uncover the historical and modern charms of İzmir through sightseeing and guided tours, discovering its architectural wonders and cultural landmarks.

  • Visit Ephesus Ancient City

    Step back in time at Ephesus Ancient City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site showcasing well-preserved ruins of ancient Roman architecture. Explore the Library of Celsus, the Grand Theater, and the Temple of Artemis, immersing yourself in history and culture.
  • Explore Kadifekale Fortress

    Climb up the historical Kadifekale Fortress to enjoy panoramic views of İzmir's skyline and the Aegean Sea. Discover the ancient remains of the fortress and delve into the city's architectural past while admiring the scenic landscapes.
  • Discover İzmir Archaeological Museum

    Immerse yourself in the rich history of İzmir at the Archaeological Museum, housing a vast collection of artifacts from various ancient civilizations. Marvel at intricate sculptures, pottery, and coins that narrate the city's past.

Day 6

Engage in a mix of leisure activities, from relaxing at seaside spots to enjoying recreational pursuits, and soaking in the laid-back atmosphere of İzmir.

  • Relax at Çeşme Alacatı Beach

    Unwind and bask in the sun at Çeşme Alacatı Beach, known for its crystal-clear waters and golden sands. Enjoy a leisurely day by the Aegean Sea, savoring the soothing sound of waves and the gentle breeze.
  • Explore Şirince Village

    Discover the charm of Şirince Village, a picturesque hillside settlement with cobblestone streets and traditional houses. Indulge in local wine tasting, shop for handmade crafts, and immerse yourself in the laid-back ambiance of the countryside.
  • Join a Boat Tour in Foça

    Embark on a scenic boat tour in Foça, a charming coastal town near İzmir. Cruise along the azure waters, marvel at the rugged cliffs and historic landmarks, and perhaps even spot dolphins frolicking in the sea.

Day 7

Celebrate the final day by reflecting on the memorable experiences in İzmir, shopping for souvenirs, and savoring the last moments in this enchanting Turkish city.

  • Reflect on İzmir's Cultural Journeys at Kültürpark

    Spend a reflective moment at Kültürpark, a green oasis in the heart of İzmir known for hosting cultural events and exhibitions. Take a leisurely stroll, admire the sculptures, and reminisce about the diverse experiences of your trip.
  • Shop for Souvenirs at Kemeraltı Market

    Browse through the vibrant stalls of Kemeraltı Market, a historical bazaar offering a myriad of traditional Turkish products, from spices and textiles to ceramics and jewelry. Find the perfect memento to take a piece of İzmir's essence back home.
  • Savor Turkish Delights at Havra Street

    Treat yourself to the delightful flavors of Turkish sweets and pastries at Havra Street, a popular food street in İzmir. Indulge in baklava, lokma, and other tempting treats as you savor the last moments of your journey in this enchanting Turkish city.


For a digital nomad in İzmir from May 12 to May 19, consider staying in Alsancak, the city's vibrant and central neighborhood. The hotels in this area, like Swissotel Büyük Efes and Mövenpick Hotel Izmir, offer a combination of comfort and amenities suitable for a work-and-leisure trip. Booking platforms like and Airbnb are great for finding affordable yet quality accommodations for your stay.

Both hotels provide a conducive work environment with reliable Wi-Fi, well-equipped business centers, and comfortable workspaces. Additionally, Alsancak's proximity to cafes, restaurants, and public transportation makes it an ideal base for exploring İzmir while balancing work responsibilities.

Food and Drink

In İzmir, Türkiye, you must try delicious local specialties like Boyoz (savory pastry) for breakfast and Kumru (sandwich with various fillings) for lunch. Don't miss out on fresh seafood along the coast and traditional Turkish coffee or Salep for a cozy drink.

For dining, head to Çiya Sofrası, Konak Pier, or Alsancak for a mix of local and international cuisines. Enjoy a laid-back coffee at Mornings Coffee Roasters in Alsancak or sip cocktails at Loft Cafe & Bar with a stunning view of the bay.

Tipping around 10-15% at restaurants is customary. Remember to try seasonal produce like figs and grapes for a true taste of İzmir!



Kebab is a famous Turkish dish consisting of meat that is either skewered and grilled or cooked in a sauce. The meat is typically seasoned with a blend of aromatic spices and herbs, resulting in a flavorful and succulent dish.



Manti is a type of Turkish dumpling filled with spiced ground meat and served with yogurt and a drizzle of buttery tomato sauce. This dish is known for its intricate preparation, with each dumpling meticulously crafted by hand.



Baklava is a sweet, rich pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey. It is a classic dessert in Turkish cuisine, renowned for its delightful combination of crispy, flaky layers and luscious nut filling.

Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight, also known as Lokum, is a confection made from starch and sugar, flavored with various fruit essences or nuts. It has a chewy, gummy-like texture and is often dusted with powdered sugar, making it a delightful sweet treat.



Menemen is a traditional Turkish breakfast dish made with tomatoes, peppers, and eggs, all cooked together to create a deliciously flavorful and wholesome meal. This hearty and satisfying dish is often accompanied by bread for sopping up the savory juices.

Attractions and Activities

İzmir, Türkiye offers a vibrant mix of activities for digital nomads on a budget. Stroll through the aromatic Kemeraltı Market for gastronomic delights, enjoy the lively nightlife along Alsancak's waterfront bars, and explore historic sites like the ancient Agora. For outdoor adventures, head to Izmir Wildlife Park or take a boat tour along the stunning coastline. Don't miss the International İzmir Festival for a cultural extravaganza in June or the May Festivities celebrating Youth and Sports Day.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Experiences

İzmir, Türkiye offers off-the-beaten-path experiences for adventurous travelers. Discover the hidden gem of Kemeraltı Bazaar, a historic market filled with local artisans and authentic Turkish culture. For a unique adventure, explore the deserted village of Kayaköy, an eerie ghost town with a haunting atmosphere. Lastly, trek through the rugged landscapes of Mount Sipylus for breathtaking views and a chance to connect with nature.