Travel Guide for Copenhagen

Travel Guide for Copenhagen

Personalized for these inputs:

  • Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Trip length: 7 days
  • Trip dates: August 01 - August 08
  • Travel style: digital nomad
  • Budget: $$
  • Accommodation: hotel
  • Activities: arts and culture, festivals and events, gastronomy, nightlife and entertainment, outdoor adventures, sightseeing and tours
Picture of Copenhagen, Denmark

Key Facts

  • location: Europe
  • currency: Danish Krone (DKK)
  • religion: Christianity
  • population: 616,098
  • language: Danish
  • electricity: 230V/50Hz, Type C, Type E, Type K?
  • time zone: CET (UTC+1)
  • country code: +45
  • internet access: High-speed, widely available, affordable
  • climate: Temperate

Useful Phrases

Language: Danish
    hej (hie)
    farvel (far-vel)
    ja (ya)
    nej (nye)
    how much
    hvor meget koster dette? (vor mayt cost-er deh-teh)
    venligst (ven-leest)
    thank you
    tak (tahk)
    excuse me
    undskyld (oon-skoold)


Welcome to Copenhagen, a vibrant city where medieval charm meets modern innovation. As the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is steeped in history, yet boasts a cutting-edge creative scene and eco-friendly initiatives. In early August, expect pleasant summer weather with temperatures hovering around 20-25°C, perfect for exploring the city's parks, canals, and vibrant neighborhoods.

For digital nomads on a budget, Copenhagen offers a plethora of cozy cafes with free Wi-Fi, such as The Living Room Café or Paludan Bogcafé. Dive into the local culture by renting a bike to explore the city like a local, or visit hip neighborhoods like Nørrebro for indie boutiques, street art, and multicultural dining options. Don't miss iconic attractions like Tivoli Gardens, Nyhavn's colorful houses, and the picturesque Little Mermaid statue by the waterfront.

Getting There

Getting to Copenhagen is convenient with Copenhagen Airport (CPH) being the main international gateway. From the airport, you can take the Metro or trains to the city center. Alternatively, you can use buses and taxis for transportation. For traveling around the city, cycling is popular due to its bike-friendly infrastructure.

For travel from August 01 to August 08, weather in Copenhagen is generally mild, but occasional rain showers and cooler temperatures can occur. Pack layers and a light rain jacket to be prepared for any weather changes. Digital nomads can find affordable accommodation options in hostels or budget-friendly hotels while enjoying the city's free public Wi-Fi and coworking spaces.

Climate and Best Time to Visit

Copenhagen experiences a temperate oceanic climate with cool summers and mild winters. Summer (June-August) brings pleasant temperatures around 20-25°C, ideal for exploring the city. Autumn (September-November) sees cooler temperatures and changing foliage colors.

If you visit Copenhagen from August 01 to August 08, expect comfortable temperatures ranging from 18-23°C with a mix of sun and clouds. Rain showers are common, so it's advisable to pack an umbrella. Extreme weather events like heatwaves or storms are rare but possible, so it's always good to check the forecast before your trip.


Day 1

Immerse yourself in Copenhagen's vibrant arts and cultural scene, explore museums and galleries showcasing Danish heritage and creativity.

  • Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

    Explore the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, a museum founded by the Carlsberg brewer dedicated to art and culture. Admire its extensive collection of ancient and modern art, including sculptures, and paintings from various eras.
  • Tivoli Gardens

    Step into the magical atmosphere of Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. Enjoy thrilling rides, beautiful gardens, live performances, and restaurants offering delicious Danish cuisine.
  • Rundetaarn (Round Tower)

    Visit the iconic Rundetaarn, a 17th-century tower and observatory in the heart of Copenhagen. Climb to the top for panoramic views of the city, and explore the library and exhibitions inside the tower.

Day 2

Experience Copenhagen's gastronomic delights, from traditional Danish cuisines to innovative culinary creations in local eateries and markets.

  • Torvehallerne Copenhagen

    Indulge in a culinary adventure at Torvehallerne Copenhagen, one of the city's premier food markets. Discover a variety of stalls offering fresh produce, local delicacies, artisanal goods, and international flavors. Don't miss the opportunity to taste traditional Danish dishes and explore the vibrant food scene.
  • Papiroen (Paper Island)

    Experience the vibrant food market at Papiroen, also known as Paper Island. Explore the street food vendors offering a diverse range of cuisines from around the world. Sample traditional Danish street food dishes alongside global flavors in a unique setting by the waterfront.
  • Copenhagen Street Food

    Visit Copenhagen Street Food, a bustling hub of food trucks, stalls, and bars located on Papirøen (Paper Island). Enjoy a lively atmosphere, live music, and a wide selection of international and local cuisine. Choose from Danish classics to fusion dishes while admiring the city skyline.

Day 3

Embark on a nightlife adventure in Copenhagen, exploring trendy bars, clubs, and entertainment venues to experience the city's dynamic evening scene.

  • Ruby

    Discover the hidden gem of Ruby, a sophisticated cocktail bar with a cozy and intimate ambiance. Enjoy expertly crafted cocktails made with high-quality ingredients while soaking in the elegant decor and excellent service.
  • Jolene Bar

    Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Jolene Bar, a popular spot among locals for its diverse music selection and laid-back vibe. Enjoy a range of drinks, from craft beers to cocktails, and groove to the eclectic tunes playing throughout the night.
  • VEGA

    Experience a night of live music and entertainment at VEGA, one of Copenhagen's iconic music venues. Dance the night away to a mix of international and local artists, spanning a variety of music genres in a dynamic and lively setting.

Day 4

Enjoy outdoor adventures in Copenhagen, from cycling along scenic routes to exploring parks and outdoor markets, embracing the city's nature and recreational offerings.

  • Rent a Bike and Explore Freetown Christiania

    Experience the unique community of Freetown Christiania by renting a bike and cycling through this autonomous neighborhood in Copenhagen. Explore the colorful street art, alternative lifestyle, and green spaces while immersing yourself in the bohemian atmosphere.
  • Visit Frederiksberg Gardens

    Spend a relaxing day at Frederiksberg Gardens, a beautiful green oasis in the heart of Copenhagen. Walk or cycle through the lush gardens, enjoy picturesque views of lakes and lawns, and discover the historic Frederiksberg Palace within the park.
  • Explore Vestre Cemetery

    Take a stroll through Vestre Cemetery, one of the largest and most scenic cemeteries in Copenhagen. Admire the peaceful atmosphere, impressive grave monuments, and tranquil setting surrounded by nature. Discover the history and stories of notable Danes buried here.

Day 5

Discover Copenhagen's iconic landmarks and hidden gems through sightseeing tours, learning about the city's history, architecture, and local stories.

  • The Little Mermaid Statue

    Visit the iconic Little Mermaid Statue, a symbol of Copenhagen and Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale. Marvel at the bronze sculpture overlooking the harbor, and learn about the history and significance of this beloved landmark.
  • Nyhavn Waterfront

    Stroll along the picturesque Nyhavn Waterfront, lined with colorful historic buildings, lively restaurants, and charming cafes. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this iconic Copenhagen district, known for its maritime heritage and picturesque views.
  • Christiansborg Palace

    Explore Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Danish Parliament, Prime Minister's Office, and Supreme Court. Discover the rich history and elegant architecture of this royal palace, including the royal reception rooms, ruins under the palace, and the tower with panoramic city views.

Day 6

Immerse yourself in the vibrant festival and event scene of Copenhagen, attending cultural festivals, music events, and local celebrations.

  • Copenhagen Jazz Festival

    Experience the lively Copenhagen Jazz Festival, a renowned annual event showcasing world-class jazz performances at various venues across the city. Immerse yourself in the vibrant music scene, enjoy a mix of traditional and contemporary jazz styles, and embrace the festive atmosphere.
  • Distortion Festival

    Join the eclectic and vibrant Distortion Festival, a popular street party celebrating urban culture, music, and creativity. Explore different city districts transformed into unique party zones, featuring live music, DJs, art installations, food stalls, and a diverse crowd of locals and visitors.
  • Tivoli Friday Rock

    Rock out at Tivoli Gardens' Friday Rock concerts, a summer staple featuring exciting live rock performances in the iconic amusement park. Enjoy a mix of local and international bands, energetic crowds, and a festive atmosphere under the starlit skies.

Day 7

Reflect on your memorable digital-nomad journey in Copenhagen, savoring the highlights of your trip and exploring any remaining interests before departure.

  • Copenhagen Street Food Market

    Delight in the diverse culinary offerings at Copenhagen Street Food Market, a vibrant hub of food trucks and stalls offering a wide array of global and local cuisines. Explore the lively market atmosphere, indulge in delicious dishes, and savor the last flavors of your Copenhagen journey.
  • Carlsberg Brewery Tour

    Embark on a tour of the historic Carlsberg Brewery, known for its rich brewing heritage and iconic Danish beers. Discover the brewing process, explore the old brewery buildings, and taste a selection of Carlsberg's finest brews while learning about the brewery's legacy.
  • Canal Tour of Copenhagen

    Enjoy a relaxing canal tour of Copenhagen's picturesque waterways, gliding past iconic landmarks and hidden gems. Sit back, unwind, and soak in the beauty of the city from a unique perspective as you reflect on your digital-nomad journey and bid farewell to enchanting Copenhagen.


For a digital-nomad-style trip to Copenhagen on an average budget from August 01 to August 08, consider staying in vibrant neighborhoods like Vesterbro or Nørrebro. These areas offer a mix of trendy cafes, parks, and a lively atmosphere that suits remote work. Accommodation options such as Generator Hostel or Cabinn City Hotel provide affordable yet comfortable stays, with easy access to public transportation for exploring the city.

Booking websites like Booking. com or Airbnb can also help find budget-friendly hotel options during your stay. Make sure to book in advance, as Copenhagen can be busy during the summer months.

Plan your stay to enjoy the bustling street food markets, beautiful canals, and iconic landmarks like Nyhavn.

Food and Drink

In Copenhagen, don't miss out on trying the iconic smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches), Danish pastries (like wienerbrød), and the local favorite, smørrebrød. For drinks, indulge in craft beers or aquavit, the traditional spirit of Denmark.

For digital nomads on a budget, head to Torvehallerne for a diverse array of food stalls or try Reffen, a street food market by the water. Relish flavorful dishes at Madklubben on a budget. When dining out, tipping isn't expected but rounding up the bill is appreciated.

Seasonal dishes like herring in June or Christmas porridge in December offer unique culinary experiences. Consider food tours to explore Copenhagen's food scene fully.



Smørrebrød, with its origins dating back to the 19th century, is an open-faced sandwich consisting of dense rye bread topped with a variety of ingredients such as pickled herring, roast beef, or egg and shrimp salad. This Danish classic is renowned for its artistic presentation and the rich interplay of savory and tangy flavors.



Frikadeller are Danish meatballs made from a mixture of ground pork and veal, bound together with eggs, cream, onions, and a medley of herbs. Pan-fried until golden brown, these delectable meatballs are often served alongside potatoes, red cabbage, and a dollop of creamy gravy.

Rødgrød med Fløde

Rødgrød med Fløde

Rødgrød med Fløde is a beloved Danish dessert comprising a vibrant red berry compote, typically made from a combination of strawberries, red currants, and raspberries, generously topped with a silky dollop of cold cream. This sweet treat is a delightful celebration of seasonal produce and a beloved summer indulgence.

Stegt Flæsk

Stegt Flæsk

Stegt Flæsk, also known as crispy pork belly, is a quintessential Danish comfort dish. Thin slices of pork belly are pan-fried until golden and crispy, then served with a creamy parsley sauce and boiled potatoes. The wonderful combination of crunchy, savory pork and velvety sauce is a true Danish delight.



Æbleskiver are small, spherical Danish pancakes, traditionally baked in a special cast-iron pan. These fluffy delights are often flavored with aromatic spices like cardamom and cinnamon, and are typically served during the festive holiday season with a dusting of powdered sugar and a dollop of jam.

Attractions and Activities

Copenhagen, Denmark offers a blend of arts and culture with must-visit attractions like the National Gallery of Denmark and Tivoli Gardens. Indulge in gastronomic delights at Torvehallerne market and explore outdoor adventures in the lush King's Garden.

Experience the vibrant nightlife in Nyhavn and enjoy festivals such as Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Sightseeing tours include the iconic Little Mermaid statue and historic Rosenborg Castle.

Perfect for August, catch open-air concerts and events. Dive into diverse cultural experiences while keeping costs in check for a memorable digital-nomad-style trip.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Experiences

Experience Copenhagen in a unique way by exploring the hidden Cisterns under the city, an underground reservoir turned into an art space. For a quirky adventure, visit the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, showcasing the life and works of the famous Danish fairy tale writer. Venture to Freetown Christiania, a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood filled with colorful houses, art galleries, and a vibrant community life.

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