Saro at the Soi Dog Charity
Help End the Asian Dog Meat Trade

9 Aug 2022 | Saro Minassian

Volunteering at Soi Dog Foundation supports their work in fighting the Asian dog meat trade

Volunteer with cats at Soi Dog
Playing with Cats

9 Aug 2022 | Saro Minassian

Soi Dog also looks after the stray cats of Phuket

Skinny Dog
Skinny Dog

9 Aug 2022 | Saro Minassian

This dog is being cared for and nursed back to health

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Saro Minassian
Director, Strategic Alliances

Saro works for Salesforce, managing four global partnerships across Australia and New Zealand. Outside of work, Saro loves family time with his wife, two young boys, and his fur baby Pumba. Saro loves his coffee and food, and is passionate about giving back to the community.