Environmental Conservation in Tanzania
Environmental Conservation in Tanzania
Experience Tanzania by taking part in its local conservation efforts

Experience Tanzania by taking part in its local conservation efforts

Woman drying coffee in Tanzania
Drying Coffee
A local farmer drying coffee

A local farmer drying coffee

Farmers in Tanzania
Meet local farmers
Meet and work with local farmers and understand the traditions in Tanzania

Meet and work with local farmers and understand the traditions in Tanzania

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Our environment should not be neglected, I’m sure you’d agree!

With this program you’ll do your part for future citizens of the world and experience the fast developing country of Tanzania in a unique way… by going back to nature!

There is not much rain forest area in Tanzania due to its weather conditions during certain parts of the year as well as the natural landscape, so forestry departments always do their best to protect what rainforest they have. But it is not enough. Now it is important that community members do their part to protect the forested areas and the animals that rely upon them.

One organization that we work with in Monduli does particularly well in maintaining a good environment around that area. This group is saving the community and empowering the women who run it at the same time. It is an important effort as many areas do not have enough trees, which affects the quality of the atmosphere negatively, and many locals struggle to take care of their families as the landscape continues to change.

This program works with an environmental club through a local school to encourage students towards environmental conservation. It’s a great chance to provide them with important knowledge about this subject, advising them on how to behave with their environment in the right way. You’ll be contributing your time on this campaign and planting seeds to nurture responsible future citizens of the world.

Your daily tasks will be a combination of activities dependent upon the weather and the season. You can expect to work on tree planting in the forest or in community spaces, tree nursery tasks that support this, and whenever possible you will be arranging classes with the environmental club in the school or community halls directed at local kids and teenagers.

All are welcome to join this program, especially those working or studying in the forestry field as this will be a great opportunity to work alongside a real community members and exchange your knowledge with them.


  • Increase community awareness of local environmental concerns
  • Support local community efforts to protect the natural landscape
  • Assist the community development and empowerment efforts


Volunteer experiences have a direct and positive impact on local communities by injecting money into the local economy through the purchase of food, transportation, and tourism activities. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the comunity and make a difference in the world. Depending on the type of volunteer experience you are interested in, your time can be spent improving educational resources and opportunities, providing medical services to underserved communities, or promoting environmental conservation and sustainable farming techniques.

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25 trees will be planted on your behalf for every experience purchased, via our partnership with One Tree Planted.

See more at onetreeplanted.org

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1% of gross sales will be donated to 1% for the Planet-approved charities via our partnership with 1% for the Planet.

See more at onepercentfortheplanet.org

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Monduli, Tanzania
You will be staying in the district of Monduli located within the Arusha region, in northeastern Tanzania. The Monduli district is an extremely popular spot for tourists to learn how the local Maasai people live as well as observe the natural environment. Numerous attractions such as Lake Manyara, Mount Meru, Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro can be found nearby and are the wonders of the region.
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Saturday/Sunday - Arrival

We will meet you at JRO (Kilimanjaro International Airport) or ZNZ (Abeid Amani Karume International Airport) in one of these time slots:

  • Option A - Saturday: 10:00
  • Option B - Saturday: 14:00
  • Option C - Sunday: 10:00
  • Option D - Sunday: 14:00
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Monday - Friday
  • Breakfast
  • Working in the tree nursery, tree planting, and/or environmental club
  • Lunch
  • Working in the tree nursery, tree planting, and/or environmental club
  • Evaluation
  • Dinner
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Saturday - Departure
Leave the accommodation on Saturday morning. Local vans (dala-dala) to Arusha. Depart throughout the day. Change to taxi to arrive at Kilimanjaro Airport (3.5 hours) for earliest flights on Saturday Evening
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  • Shared Accomodation
  • All meals included
  • Free beverages
  • Arrival Transfer (included with 2 wk+ trips)
  • Wifi in public areas
  • Departure Transfer
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  • Extra night accomodation (before experience)$60
  • Extra night accomodation (after experience)$60
  • Pick-ups outside of the regular pickup window$60
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More Information


  • minimum english levelBasic
  • CRB RequiredOn signup
  • passport copy requiredNo
  • resume copy requiredNo

Other Requirements

  • Modest clothing - covering the knees and shoulders during school visits
  • A raincoat, working gloves and shoes


Meals are inspired by the local cuisine and consist of a lot of corn, rice, potatoes, and bananas. Some beef, goat meat, beans, and a few green leafy vegetables will help to add nutrients to your daily meals. There are very few dishes that will be served that are the typical western style, so please be prepared for a food adventure as well.


You will be staying in our local program center or with a host family, to provide you with a degree of basic comfort. There may be western-style toilets, but the traditional squat-style flush toilet may also be what is in use. Sometimes water will need to be heated for showers and these may be bucket style. The accommodation is on a local school campus and there is lots of green space to enjoy. We have a big garden available where you can relax during the daytime, and during clear nights, you can even star gaze at the Milky Way from here! We suggest that all participants get a local SIM card and buy a bundle to maintain personal internet access.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings can be amended and cancelled 30 days before the program start date without any costs. Bookings that are cancelled less than 30 days before the program start date will be charged the first week of the booking.

Environmental Conservation in Tanzania

Price per person$370/week
Minimum Duration1 week