Woman selling produce in Kenyan market
Women Empowerment in Kenya
Assist underprivileged women in the Nakuru area becoming more independent

Assist underprivileged women in the Nakuru area becoming more independent

Kenyan woman making claypots
Making claypots
Kenyan woman making claypots

Kenyan woman making claypots

Women in tribal dress in Kenya
Colors of Africa
Experience the rich cultures of Africa

Experience the rich cultures of Africa

Kitenge fabric in Kenya
Kitenge Fabric
This African print fabric is produced using batik, a wax-resist dyeing technique

This African print fabric is produced using batik, a wax-resist dyeing technique

Maasai Shop in Kenya
Maasai Shop
Local shop run by Maasai women

Local shop run by Maasai women

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This program is geared toward assisting women who may not have had access to basic education and may find it difficult to thrive, particularly in this age when the understanding the importance of education and an ability to manage basic technology have become fundamental aspects for survival. The ability to navigate issues such as personal development, environmental awareness, budgeting, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy also help to build a resiliency that cultivates sustainable development.

Therefore, through our program, we utilize the engagement of international participants with some groups of local women, who may never have had any kind of real-life exposure to outsiders, to help them to expand their worldview and personal perspective. Participant immersion in the community promotes a mutually beneficial relationship with the local women where all those involved gain just as much as they give.

This is an opportunity to form relationships with someone from another background and culture and create an exchange that motivates both younger and older women to show their hidden talents and enable them to participate in developmental activities of family, society and nation.

Creative teaching methods and a positive outlook are extremely helpful and go a long way to engaging the women and breaking down the existing barriers. Participants are encouraged to use different techniques to teach topics that they are passionate about, and/or have firsthand knowledge, as long as they are relevant and assist with the goals outlined by the women being served through the program.

Since English is widely spoken here, there is a greater capacity for you to convey your knowledge with ease and use anything you have in the way of reference materials and resources more easily.


  • Assist village women with recognizing their strengths and growing their confidence
  • Empower local women to contribute to the development of the local Kenyan economy
  • Provide an opportunity for mutually beneficial cultural immersion and exchange


Volunteer experiences have a direct and positive impact on local communities by injecting money into the local economy through the purchase of food, transportation, and tourism activities. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the comunity and make a difference in the world. Depending on the type of volunteer experience you are interested in, your time can be spent improving educational resources and opportunities, providing medical services to underserved communities, or promoting environmental conservation and sustainable farming techniques.

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25 trees will be planted on your behalf for every experience purchased, via our partnership with One Tree Planted.

See more at onetreeplanted.org

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1% of gross sales will be donated to 1% for the Planet-approved charities via our partnership with 1% for the Planet.

See more at onepercentfortheplanet.org

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Nakuru, Kenya
Nakuru town located in west-central Kenya lies on the north shore of Lake Nakuru and is home to approximately 500,000 inhabitants making it one of the largest urban centers in Kenya. Once a center for European activity, this region is now associated with a flourishing manufacturing industry, busy commercial shopping centers and important agricultural initiatives.
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Saturday/Sunday - Arrival

Arrive at NBO (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport) at the meeting point on Saturday or Sunday well before the designated time (13.00 hour). Saturday arrivals need to book one extra night at our accommodation.

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Monday - Friday

You will be preparing and giving four to five lessons per week to local women’s groups through the networks provided by a local Community Based Organization (CBO).

The daily routine will be anywhere from 4-6 hours and may include travel to different village sites where you will be engaging with the community women to share knowledge and even learn how they manage their day-to-day tasks.

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Saturday - Departure

Leave the accommodation Saturday morning. Minivans depart close by every 1-2 hours. Change minivan/bus twice to get to the Airport.

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  • Shared Accomodation
  • All meals included
  • Free beverages
  • Wifi in public areas
  • Arrival Transfer (included with 2 wk+ trips)
  • Departure Transfer
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  • Extra night accomodation (before experience)$60
  • Extra night accomodation (after experience)$60
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More Information


  • minimum age18
  • minimum english levelIntermediate
  • CRB RequiredOn signup
  • passport copy requiredNo
  • resume copy requiredNo

Other Requirements

  • An open mind and a positive attitude to share information in a thoughtful and meaningful way.
  • Comfortable walking shoes or boots depending on weather
  • Casual dress is appropriate. However, no see-through, bare shoulders, low cut tops or shorts/skirts/dresses above the knee are permitted.


Food served will mainly be Kenyan food, which consists of vegetables, potato, eggs, bread, pancakes (commonly known as “chapati”) and fruits such as oranges, bananas and avocados.


You will be accommodated in our center. All participants are expected to be environmentally aware and use all resources with restraint, especially electricity. Sometimes there are power cuts during the day, but do not panic. This is life in the village. There is an available water supply. You will have all of the necessities while here.

You will have meals provided and rooms cleaned on the weekends, but you will also be expected to clean up after yourself and play your part in keeping the accommodation neat and organized. The location is very close to the green steds international school and is a few minutes walk to the Lake Nakuru National park Southern gate. It is around 15KM from Nakuru town.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings can be amended and cancelled 30 days before the program start date without any costs. Bookings that are cancelled less than 30 days before the program start date will be charged the first week of the booking.

Women Empowerment in Kenya

Price per person$430/week
Minimum Duration1 week