Volunteer with kids in the village
Community Engagement Program in Goa
Help in improving the quality of life of the local communities in Goa

Help in improving the quality of life of the local communities in Goa

Volunteer with child at Holi Festival
Holi Festival
A colorful volunteer and child after the Holi festival

A colorful volunteer and child after the Holi festival

Surf at the beach in Goa
Surfs Up
Heading out for some waves in Goa

Heading out for some waves in Goa

Volunteer with the community in Goa, India
Volunteer with the Community
Enjoying interacting with the community

Enjoying interacting with the community

Kid with a football in Goa, India
Sports in the community
Interact with the local children through sports

Interact with the local children through sports

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Who the Project serves:
With modernization, people are at a race for achievements which puts the concept of the nuclear family in focus. When the grown children in the family are pursuing their dream jobs and leave their family behind, there is no one to look after their parents. Therefore, they are placed in an Elders care home.

In this program, you would visit an old age home and spend time with its residents as they need someone to listen or talk to and it is all that they need sometimes. Your visits would make them feel happier and less lonely. You will spend time as a companion to the residents where you can talk to them, play games, do reading, colouring and various other exercises with them.

Working Hours: Monday to Friday 09.30 to 1200

Your role:

  • To engage the residents at the Old Age Home in different activities
  • Play games and entertain them
  • Talk to them and listen to what they have to say
  • Read to them
  • Organize recreational and entertainment evenings for the elderly
  • Arrange sharing and discussion sessions on interesting topics
  • Teach the residents skills such as how to use their mobile phones better to store numbers, send text messages, take pictures, etc
  • Take the residents to museums and other places of interest
  • Celebrate festivals and birthdays with the elderly

Who the Project serves:
It is a home for adults with different levels of abilities. This Home was born out of a need to create an inclusive place where adults with intellectual disabilities feel welcome. With your help, we hope to create a healthier society for these differently-abled individuals.

Working Hours: Monday to Friday 09.00 to 1200

Your role:

  • Assist the members to learn and improve their skills as per their abilities and interests
  • Share moments of happiness and love with the young and old in the free time
  • Assist them physically with basic tasks like walking them to the garden, having lunch or helping out at the work table
  • Give them a sense of value in their lives and the attention they seek
  • Teach them simple singalong songs
  • Assist the residents with physical exercises

Who the Project serves:
We have recently started the “Women Empowerment Program”. The objective of this program is to make the women self-reliant and to make them able to support their families. This program aims to empower women in various ways such as financially (in the beginning), mentally as well as physically. The target group of the program are women from less privileged backgrounds residing in various villages Goa.

Most of them are illiterate and work as housemaids and other unskilled jobs. In the mornings, some of them work as maids, cooks or engage in other small jobs where they are able to earn a living. And in the afternoon, they join our program to learn new skills and improve their lives better for a brighter future. In this program, through a step-by-step process, our main task is to give them English education (communicative and written English), awareness on health and hygiene, vocational training so that they can be financially stable in the future with their own businesses.

This project has started with teaching basic communicative and written English so that the women can read signboards, news papers, magazines and also help their children in their homework.

The project is conducted on a one-to-one basis where each participant takes part to teach women at the project.

Working hours: Monday to Friday 14.30 to 17.00

Your role

  • Help improve the quality of life of the women and their families
  • Provide vocational training and training material for women
  • Inspire them to start their own business
  • Throughout the year there are various courses being conducted in this program such as baking, honey harvesting, tailoring and computer skills.


  • The objective of the project is to inspire, care and help those who are in need in ways you can.


Volunteer experiences have a direct and positive impact on local communities by injecting money into the local economy through the purchase of food, transportation, and tourism activities. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the comunity and make a difference in the world. Depending on the type of volunteer experience you are interested in, your time can be spent improving educational resources and opportunities, providing medical services to underserved communities, or promoting environmental conservation and sustainable farming techniques.

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25 trees will be planted on your behalf for every experience purchased, via our partnership with One Tree Planted.

See more at onetreeplanted.org

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1% of gross sales will be donated to 1% for the Planet-approved charities via our partnership with 1% for the Planet.

See more at onepercentfortheplanet.org

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Goa, India
Consistently ranked among India’s top tourist destinations, Goa is the ideal place for first-time travelers and adventurers alike to acclimatize to a different culture. From caves behind waterfalls to villages hidden in sandy coconut forests, there is always something more waiting to be rediscovered. The mountain ranges and spice plantations enhance the beauty of this glorious state. Apart from its natural beauty, this former capital of Portuguese India and home to various UNESCO World Heritage sites has a lot to offer in terms of architecture with churches, cathedrals and forts abounding. Put together, it is all of these aspects and more that make Goa the ultimate travel destination.
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Sunday - Arrival

Our pickup time is Sunday 08:00 to 14:00 at Siliguri Bagdogra Airport, Bagdogra (IXB). Please enquire about other pick up points and times.

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On your first day of the program, you will have an orientation in order to better understand your new environment and the program. Our coordinators will take you to an enchanting spice plantation, the local market, and a few supermarkets located close to our center. You can also utilize this time of the day to exchange your currency or purchase any of the essential items you might need during your stay.

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On the second day of your first week, an introduction to the local projects and programs will be given through an observation time at the project site. During this project introduction, you can also choose to assist the existing participants on the project. Our coordinator will also theoretically describe and train you on the activities of the project onsite so that it is easy for you to understand the project in a step-by-step manner. Your time on the project will commence on Wednesday.

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Wednesday - Friday
  • Morning: In the morning, you can choose to join either the Elderly Care program or Special Needs Education and Care program.
  • 09:00 - Departure to Elderly Care program /Special Needs Education and Care program
  • 13:00 - Lunch

  • Afternoon: In the afternoon, you can choose to join the Women Empowerment program or continue at the Special Needs Education and Care program.
  • 14:00 - Departure to Women Empowerment program
  • 14:30 - Engage in tasks and activities at the project
  • 17:00 - Return to your accommodation
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Saturday - Departure

Leave the accommodation on Saturday morning. Take a taxi to the airport 3 hrs before your flight.

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  • Shared Accomodation
  • All meals included
  • Free beverages
  • Wifi in public areas
  • Arrival Transfer (included with 2 wk+ trips)
  • Departure Transfer
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  • Extra night accomodation (before experience)$60
  • Extra night accomodation (after experience)$60
  • Pick-ups outside of the regular pickup window$60
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More Information


  • minimum age18
  • maximum age65
  • minimum english levelBasic
  • CRB RequiredOn signup
  • passport copy requiredOn signup
  • resume copy requiredNo

Other Requirements

  • Participants below the age of 18 should have parental consent.
  • Participants above the age of 65 should have medical clearance.
  • Cover up as much as possible in the spirit of the local culture to avoid embarrassment.
  • Your clothes must not be too short, too tight or too revealing. Kindly make sure your shoulders and legs are covered.
  • Dress professionally since you will be working in a professional environment while teaching the children.
  • It is completely fine to wear western clothes as long as they fit the local standards
  • Be thoughtful of the graphics, symbols or text printed on your clothing and avoid wearing clothing styles that might be inappropriate
  • Be thoughtful to poor communities by not displaying expensive items and clothes
  • Wearing local clothes could help you build a good working relationship with the community


The meals are a mix of Western and Indian food, consisting mainly of vegetarian dishes including rice and vegetables. You can expect to have a chicken dish about twice per week. You can also use the kitchen facilities to cook for yourself or eat out at any of the local restaurants.


In our centre, there is a mini library, a dining room, a lounge area where you can hang out with fellow participants and a beautiful garden to relax.

Furthermore, there is a refrigerator which you are welcome to use to store food and beverages.

Cancellation Policy

Bookings can be amended and cancelled 30 days before the program start date without any costs. Bookings that are cancelled less than 30 days before the program start date will be charged the first week of the booking.

Community Engagement in Goa, India

Price per person$370/week
Minimum Duration1 week